クエストページ一覧 「アイテム全集」(英語表記付き)






f:id:ocyoco:20210624061338j:plain ハートルビー/Heart Ruby


A red heart-shaped gemstone with the mysterious ability to increase your health. The core glows faintly, alternating between red and white hues. You hold XX in your possession.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061341j:plain スタミナジェム/Energy Gem


An enigmatic green gemstone with the power to increase your energy. Most experience these stones as mere decoration, but a select few can feel their special resonance within. You hold XX in your possession.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061344j:plain ムーンストーンMoonstone


A semi-transparent blue runestone, said to have been a core component in ancient technology. It is valued amongst enthusiasts for its faint luminescence and beauty. You hold XX in your possession.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061347j:plain リン(R) Rin


An assortment of metal coins. The most common types are bronze, silver, and gold - respectively valued at 1, 3, and 5 units each. RIN is the official currency of Castella and many other regions. You currently hold XX RIN coin(s).

現在の所持金:X R


f:id:ocyoco:20210624061351j:plain プレーンチュニック/Plain Tunic


Gail’s regular wear. Lovingly sewn by hand, all of its constituent materials are sourced from Panselo. It’s light and comfortable but offers little in the way of protection.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061354j:plain スカイベスト/Sky Vest


A stylish blue-dyed garment that strikes a balance between form and function. Thick tanned pooki hides sewn to the inside of the vest serve as light defense.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061358j:plain ジェイドホーバーク/Jade Hauberk


A protective mesh formed from hundreds of metal rings riveted together by a skilled blacksmith. The mesh has been enclosed within a fashionable green fabric to create a covert armor.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061401j:plain GEOジャケット/GEO Jacket


A specialized red garb reserved for high-ranking GEO members. In addition to looking great, it offers a strong protection surpassing even that of metallic armor. The method by which it was crafted is a deeply guarded GEO secret.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061403j:plain ウッドバット/Wooden Bat


A stout wooden cudgel carved from the branch of a Doki tree. The bat bears numerous bumps and nicks from having endured many games of baseball.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061406j:plain コンポジットバット/Composite Bat


A bat smelted from gray resin and a variety of other materials. It hits harder than its wooden counterpart while still remaining light and easy to wield.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061409j:plain スチールバット/Steel Bat


A battering weapon created from cast steel. Its heavy weight allows it to deliver a solid wallop at encroaching enemies. Red paint was used to an extra intimidation factor.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061411j:plain ナイトスター/Night Star


A weapon forged from a mysterious star rock. Beautiful swirling patterns etched on the bat seem to offer glimpse of the cosmos from which it came. The bat is immensely strong, yet extraordinarily light, allowing quick, powerful swings.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061415j:plain ダッシュストライク/Tusk Strike


A combat technique wherein Gail disregards personal safety and charges at an enemy with her head! The attack deals great damage to an enemy and slight damage to Gail. Tusk Strike can be performed by pressing [A] while sprinting.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061418j:plain コンセントレーション/Concentrate


A meditative technique that allows Gail to focus her energy to perform charged attacks twice as fast. Perform concentrate by holding [A] until Gail’s weapon begins to glow.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061420j:plain スピアボム/Spear Bomb


A combat technique wherein Gail funnels energy into her spear to transform it into an explosive missile. With spear equipped, hold [Y] until the spear glows. Then release to throw! A charged spear can be detonated in midair with [X]



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061424j:plain トロールガード/Troll’s Guard


A defensive stance wherein Gail tenses her muscles to brace for an impact! This boosts her defense by 3 [shield]. In addition, energy will recover more quickly while crouching. Perform by holding [ZR] or [↓]



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061428j:plain インナーパワー/Temperance

チャージされたエネルギーを蓄え、後で解き放つ精神統一法。まずAで力をタメて、ZR or ↓長押しで力を蓄える。

A meditative technique that allows Gail to store charged energy to release at a future moment’s notice. Perform by first holding [A] to charge up Gail’s energy. Then hold [ZR] or [↓] to store.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061430j:plain ワールウィンド/Whirlwind


A combat technique that enables Gail to perform a powerful somersault attack in midair. Perform by first storing up energy via the Temperance technique. Then press [A] while jumping or in midair.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061433j:plain ウロボロスの歌/Song of Ouroboros


An ancient song shared between members of the Ouroboros tribe as a part of their long-standing oral tradition. It has the power to open passageways locked by an Ouroboros Song Stone.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061436j:plain GEOの歌/GEO Song


A password song known only to members of the Great Explorer’s Organization. Playing this song before a GEO Song Stone will grant access to GEO trials, where it’s possible to earn prizes and renown.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061439j:plain 王家の賛美歌/Royal Hymn


A secret song closely guarded and passed down within the old royal bloodlines. Reciting it before a Royal Song Stone will compel it to open.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061443j:plain パンセロ序曲/Prelude of Panselo


The song of Panselo, a nostalgic melody from Gail’s childhood. Its long history began with the village’s founding, and it has been steadily passed down to each new generation of villagers.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061447j:plain 戦闘の号令/Baroque of Battle


A song spell recited by elite Ouroboros warriors to enhance their battle capabilities. Playing this song will increase Gail’s attack power for 6 minutes. After each incantation, the spell requires 20 minutes to recharge.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061450j:plain エイヴァの子守唄/Lullaby of Ava


A serene song that stirs up long dormant memories. Playing this song will increase Gail’s energy recovery abilities for 6 minutes. After each incantation, the spell requires 20 minutes to recharge.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061452j:plain ナゾのゴーレムヘッド(入手後~パンセロ村に戻るまで)/Mysterious Golem Head


The mysterious remnant of a golem that presumably fell from the stars. The head was the only salvageable part. Alex was interested in its retrieval.




ナゾのゴーレムヘッド(リサ救出前)/Mysterious Golem Head (Before rescuing Lisa)


The mysterious remnant of a golem that presumably fell from the stars. Uncovering its origin may lead you to the missing Panselo villagers. Alex suggested you search for a scientist in Atai.


f:id:ocyoco:20210624061452j:plain ナゾのゴーレムヘッド(リサ救出後)/Mysterious Golem Head (After rescuing Lisa)


The mysterious remnant of a golem that presumably fell from the stars. Uncovering its origin may lead you to the missing Panselo villagers. Lisa suggested you search for Thomas in Daea since he may be able to repair it.


f:id:ocyoco:20210624061455j:plain バート/Bart’s Golem Head


A golem head remotely controlled by Bart, a Stellanite aiding you in Earth’s plight against extraterrestrial invaders. Speak with Bart to get advice on what to do next.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061458j:plain ライフセーバーLifesaver


A large donut-shaped floatation device bearing bright, orange and white stripes. Its slick surface enables it to glide smoothly, while its impressive buoyancy keeps its wearer safely floating on any body of water.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061502j:plain ロケットブーツ/Rocket Boots


Footgear employed by the Ancients to traverse large chasms. Press and hold [B] in midair to activate the boots and hover. The initial fiery burst from the rocket boots also doubles as an attack! Press [ZL] while hovering to refire the thrusters without losing altitude.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061506j:plain 鉄のフライパン/Antique Cast Iron


An old cast iron passed down through generations of cooks. Decades of use have imbued the cookware with a natural stick resistant coating. Using this cast iron extends the available cook time by a moderate amount, reducing cooking mishaps!



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061510j:plain ラッキーイヤリング/Lucky Earrings


Golden, circular earrings adorned with a beautiful emerald jewel. Tiny four-leaf clovers are inscribed on the inner loop. Perhaps blessed by some mysterious trick of fortune, these earrings seem to make battle rewards more plentiful.



f:id:ocyoco:20210624061512j:plain ライフリング/Life Ring


A durable azure band bearing a striking jade orb. A liquid must reside at the center of the orb since it revolves, albeit slowly. As if drawing energy from air, when this ring is equipped, your health slowly regenerates on its own.